Confidentiality Agreement

As a CHADD volunteer, I understand the importance of protecting the confidentiality of personal information. Having access to personal information in order to manage our ADHD supporg group lists, is a privilege that must be protected. 

I agree to follow the following rules:

  • All information will be kept confidential.
  • The contact information may only be used to disseminate information related to CHADD and its activities.
  • Any emails sent will utilize the Bcc (blind carbon copy) function.  Under no circumstances will email address information sent be listed in the TO or CC fields when sending group emails. 
  • All group emails will also include the following statement at the bottom of the message: 

Unsubscribe:  To no longer receive e-mail messages, please respond to this e-mail and type “remove” in the subject line.

Any requests to unsubscribe which come to the volunteer need to immediately responded to. 

  • Contact information may not be shared with any other person, including CHADD members, unless he or she has signed this agreement and has been approved to access by the national office.
  • Contact information and access may not be shared with any other individual, group or organization.  No matter how good the cause, CHADD does not share its mailing list or email list. 
  • Under no circumstances may contact information be used to promote any services, products or treatment of ADHD.

Any abuses of this policy will result in loss of access to CHADD resources and you may not become an official CHADD group.  Consistent abuse of contact information may lead to legal action.

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