2022 API and General Conference on ADHD - Bundle

Price: $95.00


The 2022 Annual International Conference on ADHD is pleased to offer video & audio recordings from Dallas, Texas from November 17-19, 2022. Access the 2022 Annual International Conference Recording online resource, which includes Keynotes, API & General session descriptions, learning objectives, handouts and recordings!


Please check here for the list of titles and descriptions of selected session recordings.


*Attendee Pricing: $65.00 -- Make sure to utilize the dropdown to get the attendee pricing, which will be checked against registration.

Non-attendee pricing: $95.00


Please note that individual session recordings are not available for purchase.


CHADD does not endorse products, services, publications, medications or treatments. 

Video and audio recordings are for the purchaser's personal use only.  Recordings CAN NOT be resold or used without written permission from CHADD.

Short clip from the opening keynote from the 2022 International Conference on ADHD.

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